Lyme Disease
Lyme disease has become very common in southeastern Massachusetts. It is spread to humans and pets by the pinhead-sized deer tick. Typical symptoms of Lyme disease include a bulls eye-shaped rash, headaches, fever, chills, nausea, fatigue, muscle and joint pain, and swollen glands. Symptoms can worsen to include arthritis, nerve or heart disorders, meningitis, encephalitis and facial paralysis. If you know you’ve been bitten by a tick and are experiencing any of these symptoms, you should see your doctor as soon as possible.

This picture demonstrates the difference in size between the common American dog tick, and the harder to detect deer ticks which spread Lyme disease.

Deer Tick Control
Deer ticks become infected with Lyme disease by feeding on mice that like to live in stone walls, around sheds and in wood piles. Superior Lawn & Shrub Service offers professional perimeter spraying of tick habitat areas around your property to control deer tick populations. Two or three sprayings are recommended throughout the season, timed to control the most active nymph stages in late spring and summer, and again in the fall for adults.
Tick Encounter Resource Center

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