Lawn Care

A beautiful lawn can be yours. When you partner with Superior Lawn & Shrub Service, you can rest assured that we’ll be providing the foundation necessary for healthy turf year-round. Automatic treatments at the right times will deliver a beautiful lawn that is less susceptible to damage from insect pests, diseases, drought and other stresses.
We use only the highest-quality granular fertilizers applied at the correct rates and timing to promote a thicker, greener, more weed-resistant lawn. Our balanced fertilizers are formulated into slow-releasing mixtures to provide longer-lasting lawn color throughout the season
Broadleaf Weed Control
Superior Lawn & Shrub Service utilizes Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices in our use of weed controls. This means we apply broadleaf weed controls only where weeds are present, as opposed to blanket spraying the entire lawn with pesticides. This not only reduces pesticide use in our environment, but also causes less stress to the grass plant root systems. While there is no preventative treatment for broadleaf weeds, we do treat all weeds present during each visit. Repeat applications can also be made between regular visits if needed.