Deer Repellent

Deer DamageAfter forests and local wooded areas defoliate each fall, hungry white tail deer search home landscapes for desirable evergreen plants to feed on through winter. Their feeding results in unsightly landscape plants and eventually valuable plant losses. The time and cost to replace these plants can be significant.

Deer will feed on almost any evergreen plant if their hungry enough, but their favorites include Arborvitae, Hemlock, Holly, Rhododendron, Azalea, Yews and Euonymus.

Our State licensed specialists spray “Deerpro” (professional use only) animal repellent on your susceptible landscape plants in the late Fall season. This material adheres to the foliage throughout the winter months causing a bad taste for any deer that attempt to feed on the leaves. This material leaves a slight whitish film on the foliage through the winter months which goes away in the Spring.

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