Ornamental Care Tips

Proper care for your ornamental trees and shrubs is important in maintaining the overall health and vigor of the plants. these tips will help you keep your trees and shrubs healthy and growing all season long.
In most years, ornamental plants don’t need watering beyond normal rainfall. Young or transplanted trees and shrubs, on the other hand, can use a supplemental irrigation. It is very important to help them through severe summer weather with occasional watering, at least until their root systems become stronger and more established in the soil.
Adding mulch to shrub beds does more than simply improve their appearance. Along with reducing the weed population, a proper depth of mulch helps the soil to hold moisture longer. This can make it easier for plants to get through drought periods. It is very important not to apply mulch too deeply (from 2” to 3” is best). If too much mulch is applied, it will soak up all the rain, preventing moisture from getting to the soil where it is most needed.